MAT MARTIN | Score – Single Stone



A page in shades of quiet for solo contrabass (optional piano accompaniment)
For the Bristish and International Bass Forum
Duration : ca. 1’ 00”

Premiere: Corrado Canonici, 2006

Single Stone was composed over a few days in early September of 2006, and is a development of one strophe from my graphic score, Pebble Music. The piece is written without metre or strict rhythm, although pitch and technique are specified throughout the score. It is in essence a very simple set of spatial relationships which divide the one minute duration of the piece into distinct events, each with its own internal structure. Many unusual techniques are used, such as ‘reverse’ left hand pizzicato and scraping of the strings’ windings with the thumbnail. These, coupled with a consistently low dynamic level should lend an ethereal and understated tone to the piece.

The piece is intended to be performed as slowly as the minute will allow and in as static/slender a nature as is possible, allowing each individual sound to establish itself in relation to the others. The overall effect should be one of quiet ripples in silence, at times barely audible, and always extremely gentle.

The optional piano accompaniment consists of the graphic elements from the original score which are slightly rearranged and printed onto a transparent page. This can be laid over the contrabass part to show the spatial relationships between the events in the two instruments’ material. It is to be performed entirely upon the strings of the piano using the hands or two large blunt objects and is designed to echo and preempt the shapes and forms in the contrabass solo.