MAT MARTIN | Graphic Score – Pebble Music



Seven miniatures for any solo performer
Duration : ca. 4’ 30”
Graphic score

Premiere: Rhodri Davies, 2006
Recording: David Lacey (Drum)

Each of these miniatures comprises a small number of discrete ‘events’, either entirely separated from one another or joined by overlapping or by horizontal lines. The principal qualities of the pieces lie in the spatial relationships between these events. An approximate overall duration for each miniature is given above the stave, although the performer is not necessarily expected to read along the score at a consistent rate to achieve this time span. Some events may require more time to elaborate than others. However, the empty areas of the score (between events, at the beginning and end of pieces) represent silence (or the dying away of sounds played laisser vibrer if applicable), and these silences should be longer or shorter depending on the size of the blank area (these relationships in visual space are to be preserved in sonic space).

Events themselves are to be read chronologically, their duration, compass and complexity being suggested by size, density and construction. Size is also to be considered as an indication of dynamic (either large = loud or large = soft, but consistent throughout all the pieces). The internal makeup of some of the larger events may suggest internal movement or harmonic colour.

A short pause should be observed between each movement, although where larger silences are required the pieces end or begin with blank passages to accommodate this.

Pieces may be performed separately, and the suggested order may be changed, although in this case each piece should retain its number (which also constitutes its title) regardless of the new order.