Client: Veggie Magnifique

Brief: Blog plaftorm: Vegan recipes, holistic living

This well established Paris-based bilingual blog had reached the stage at which their off-the-peg WordPress theme no longer matched the needs of the site. The brief to create the Veggie Magnifique blog theme was therefore raised. Using existing assets such as the VM logo and colour guidelines, and taking into account a sensitivity for legacy content and editorial flexibility, the new theme allows for more image space, defined recipe fields, the inclusion of mailing list signup forms within posts, an Instagram feed and a fully responsive layout. We integrated WPML’s language technology to handle translations of posts and browser direction according to language settings.

Mat is more than a coder… he’s a tech wizard with impeccable taste, class, and an unparalleled aesthetic eye. We have been so delighted by his work, work ethic, speediness, and sense of humour that we now consider him the third member of Veggie Magnifique.

– Ann & Chloe, Veggie Magnifique