MAT MARTIN | Tap The Feed Identity – A Full Rebrand

Client: Tap The Feed

Brief: Full rebrand following name change

Formats: Logomark & logotype (EPS, PNG, JPG); Colour and type palettes

Tap The Feed Identity - A Full Rebrand 3
Tap The Feed Identity - A Full Rebrand 3

A name change to Tap The Feed from The Flux Presents in January 2016 presented us with an opportunity to revisit the branding and style of the blog after a few years in operation. The original branding – also from this studio – was revised, moving away from a typographic approach towards a bold logomark which could work with or without type.

Focusing on the communicative message of Tap The Feed’s brand and leaning on the imagery of morse code the logomark uses an abstraction which references the typographic glyphs TTF. Morse code is ‘tapped’ out rhythmically by the sender in a series of dots and dashes (TTF = _ / _ / . . _ .) and received sonically in a series of tones. This is analogous to the pathways of Tap The Feed as a music blog: information is relayed from writer to reader, who finds meaning and discovers new content by decoding the message. The overall effect is one of communication, with a strong sense of rhythm, discovery, and playfulness.

Tap The Feed Identity - A Full Rebrand

The rotation of orientation in the layout of dots and dashes also reflects the scrolling of content within the blog.