MAT MARTIN | Pinch Projects Identity

Client: Pinch Projects

Brief: Monochrome Brand Identity for Bespoke Travel Company

Formats: Logotype & Logomark as EPS (Vector), PNG, JPG; Business Cards, Letterheads

Pinch Projects Brand Identity
Pinch Projects Brand Identity

The brief to create a simple, classic and monochromatic brand identity for bespoke travel company Pinch Projects leaned towards a monogram approach with a few defining touches.

A bold and stark slice is made in an upwards diagonal direction through the uppercase P glyph in a high contrast serif font. The message is striking: expect timeless quality with a modern creative edge. Unafraid to turn things to our advantage and make bold decisions, we nonetheless consider the classic and timeless as belonging in our toolkit. An immediate blend of classic and modern, of universal and bespoke, of attention to detail and fearlessness. The upward left-to-right direction of the slice (a direction of movement guided by the typographic nature of the icon) is positive, forward-looking and exciting; the space it opens up within the letter joins the negative space on either side of it by finding a unique route between two points in an unexpected way – a reflection of the way in which Pinch Projects can find a route and style unique to each of its clients.

Pinch Projects Brand Identity

The cut refracts a single thing into more than it was (adding value and depth to the experience) as well as referring to the double P of Pinch Projects. It also calls to the idea of tailoring to fit – the quintessential bespoke service. The high contrast of the typeface and sharpness/precision of the slice make for a dynamic logo suggesting a creative and energetic company with a commitment to quality and bespoke service.

The final balancing of elements in the logo was made according to Golden Ratio proportions, as shown here.