MAT MARTIN | GoParenting Website Build –

Client: GoParenting

Brief: Full site, client CMS, architecture design and illustration

Formats: Responsive WordPress theme

Creating a site for a brand new project offers a clean slate and an opportunity to build on that project’s identity. In the case of the GoParenting website I was in the position of having recently created the brand assets for this parenting support service and so had a strong sense of the intended look and feel.

It became clear early on that using illustrations instead of stock photography would help to avoid the proscriptive portrayal of an ideal family unit. These characters come in all shapes, colours and combinations, like real people and real families.

GoParenting Website Build - 1Website

The process of connecting with GoParenting always begins with the submission of data and an initial in-person consultation. The challenge of building a site was to make this conversion point simple, readily available and welcoming whilst still explaining and illustrating the ethos and processes in as accessible a way as possible. The site’s architecture and static pages offer step by step practical information and reinforce the caring tone of the brand voice.

The blog works as a resource and repository of insight from Michelle herself. It is designed with SEO in mind and offers a series of entry points to discover the service as a whole.

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Fully responsive, the site adapts to screen sizes, orientations and pointer types. The main menu tucks away in smaller display windows, keeping the content front and centre whilst offering clear, full screen navigation when required.

GoParenting Website Build -