MAT MARTIN | Diamond Days E.P. (Digital Release) – Kirsty McGee

Client: Hobopop Recordings // Kirsty McGee

Brief: Digital Art for "Diamond Days E.P."

Formats: DL

Diamond Days - Kirsty McGee
Diamond Days - Kirsty McGee

Diamond Days – the most recent release from one of my most long-standing collaborators, Kirsty McGee, is born of an artist residency at York St John’s Music Production department¬†and her recent work in California. The brief to create something which was clean, graphic, simple and yet captures something of the vastness and depth of colour of the skies in Joshua Tree, CA, where much of the EP was written, led to the concept of presenting a cyanometer, or device for measuring the blueness of the sky.

This illustration was simplified a little from the model (De Saussure‘s cyanometer had 53 sections, ranging from white to varying shades of blue (dyed with Prussian blue) and then to black), and created to contain certain imperfections, in a nod to the technology of the late 1700s (essentially squares of paper ). The clean layout and slight texturing provide a contrast to one another which calls to the modern technology of a digital release and the timeless style of McGee’s songwriting, so rooted in Jazz and Blues.