MAT MARTIN | Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity

Client: Arnold de Souza

Brief: Full brand reflection, identity development & logo

Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity
Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity

An elegant and simple brand identity for a sole trader establishing a high-end bespoke service. 


Based in Paris, Arnold de Souza specialises in plant-based nutrition for his holistic health coaching practice. On setting up his own practice in 2017 Arnold needed an identity which met his exacting standards, including a full brand analysis and reflection, logo marque and type, brand style guidelines and a full website.

Arnold’s brief for a brand identity included requests for a masculine physicality, a golden colour palette, a balancing of visual elements according to the principles of Phi and a logo which included or referenced his initials.

Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 6Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 5Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 7


We worked closely with Arnold on understanding the key aspects of his work accurately, beginning with a full reflection of the values and intentions of his practice. By creating a profile of his brand’s character we identified and named specific qualities at the core of his work.

We compared these key qualities to those communicated by his peers and sector leaders so as to establish a unique vocabulary which spoke to his strengths. It is in response to these observations that every subsequent decision in developing his brand has been made.


The possibilities suggested by our brand reflection led to a small number of approaches to logo development being proposed. It was quickly ascertained that a calligraphic, abstracted monogram was the most appropriate to Arnold’s voice, leaning as it does to a human, reactive and unique expression of the brand.

Other, more typographic, approaches later fed into the decisions we made regarding font stacks for the brand.

Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 2 Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 3 Arnold de Souza – Brand Identity 4


Iterations of this monogram were based on shapes suggested by the letters ADS, with some reference to human bodily proportions. These were hand drawn, initially with pencil and paper and then using brushwork reminiscent of Japanese Zen calligraphy. We made many versions of the glyphs, allowing speed, instinct and media to shape the results. The final choices were refined digitally according to the proportions of Phi.


Logo and combination marks are delivered in all brand colours as EPS vector files, alongside a full story document detailing the brand reflection process. A concise usage guide is also provided, detailing approaches to logo use and including precise colour and type references.

From the Client

Mat was able to bring my brand to life and infuse it with the symbology that was important to me. Not only that, but his insights, suggestions, and aesthetic eye have been tremendously valuable. He has exceeded all my expectations in terms of efficiency, transparency, deadlines, quality, and reliability.

With sparkling new site and branding, I am confident sharing and promoting my work, and I have Mat to thank for that. He is dependable, artistic, patient, and detail oriented.

– Arnold de Souza, Owner