MAT MARTIN | theyesandeye – Lou Rhodes

Client: Lou Rhodes / Nude Records

Brief: Album artwork for 'theyesandeye'

Formats: 12" | CD | DL

Photography by Laura Williams

Lou Rhodes - theyesandeye
Lou Rhodes - theyesandeye

Lou Rhodes‘ album “theyesandeye” is released on July 22nd, 2016 on Nude records. Laura Williams’ sumptuous photography and the organic flow of Lou’s handwritten titling guided the concept and realisation of the sleeves. The stillness and depth of the photographs and the delicate balance of the handwriting suggested the simple counterpoint of a single classic gothic typeface and a limited colour palette drawn from the earthen tones of the imagery.

We created a special edition CD slipcase for fans who supported the project via Pledge Music, designed in a minimal style to simply match the placement and feel of the titling, and which allows for personalised messages to be added for backers. All editions are designed to be printed on unbleached matte stock, in keeping with the organic feel of the assets and layout.

Working on the artwork for my new solo album “theyesandeye” has seen my positive experience of working with Mat carried through to beautiful effect. He not only has an impeccable aesthetic sense but also possesses the organisational skills and experience to carry a job like this from start to finish, amidst often countless proof-reads and last minute tweaks, with efficiency, good-humour and a razor-sharp eye for detail.

– Lou Rhodes