MAT MARTIN | Mary Epworth – Dream Life

Client: Mary Epworth/Hand of Glory Records

Brief: 12" and CD gatefold sleeves w/ poster insert / lyric book

Formats: 12" | CD

Photography by Matthew Robert-Hughes

Mary Epworth - Dream Life
Mary Epworth - Dream Life

The glorious and subtle clouds of powdered colour created in-camera by Matthew Robert-Hughes meant that there was little more to do with this layout brief than find a sensitive and subtle way to display the work whilst maintining typographic harmony and clarity. The use of a geometric sans face created minimal visual noise, and alternating colour to separate text elements (words from one another, A- and B-side track listings, titles from lyrics) allowed for a clearer navigation through a smaller quantity of information. This also created opportunities for detail, such as the exchange of colour order between artist and title, or the internal balance of the outer sticker used to replace titling on the front panels.

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