MAT MARTIN | Clara Sanabras – A Hum About Mine Ears

Client: Clara Sanabras/Smudged Discs

Brief: 32pp hardcover book with CD + digital artwork

Formats: CD in 32pp hardcover book | DL

Photography by Simon Webb

Clara Sanabras - A Hum About Mine Ears
Clara Sanabras - A Hum About Mine Ears

Clara Sanabras’ response to Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ nods visually to Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Seventh Seal’ and the brief for the project reflected this strongly. Simon Webb’s photographs used filmic black and white, surreal lighting and the Lewis chess men to great effect in this area.

The typographic and layout choices stayed closely aligned with these ideas, and were married to inner page grounds reminiscent of celluloid frames with silent movie caption borders. As with Clara’s previous¬†record we had the luxury of a 32pp booklet and a bespoke sleeve template to work with, leaving plenty of room for the content to breathe and the video stills on the inner pages to complement the black and white imagery.

Mat Martin designed the artwork for two of my albums. The results are beautiful, detailed, imaginative, original, a reflection of his varied skills in design, music and more.

– Clara Sanabras