MAT MARTIN | Backspace Unwind – Lamb

Client: Lamb

Brief: Album artwork - “Backspace Unwind” (Special Edition, Single & Double CD, 12" Gatefold, Digital)

Formats: 12" vinyl gatefold | Special edition pop-up double CD in Slipcase with poster | Special edition double CD in gatefold lancing pack | Single disc edition in Digipak | US & Aus Editions of Digipak CD editions in reversed colours | DL with digital lyric book | Live show backdrop | Tour shirts | Tote bags

Harmonograph image by David Cool

Backspace Unwind 2
Backspace Unwind 2

“Backspace Unwind” was Lamb’s first album since 2011’s 5 (re-released in 2015), and I was approached while recording was still in progress to work on the sleeve, to produced in a variety of versions according to format, edition and territory. We worked with photo assets in early drafts before it became clear that some graphic element which connected the stellar themes of the album to the nature of sound was needed to match audio and visual elements up.

I discovered the work of David Cool during the research process for this project. His work on the visualisation of sound using programming provided the final piece for the project and we worked with him to extract frames from the final piece seen on the cover of the album: a harmonograph created in Processing and notating the development of sonic elements in relation to one another.

The further into the sleeves one ventures, the earlier the point as which the harmonograph’s development is seen.

We created a special edition double CD for album supporters using the folding 3D card packaging offered by Manchester’s ACDSleeve, and provided reverse colour versions for USA and Australian territories.

Working with Mat has always been a pleasure for me. From our first meeting before the release of “Backspace Unwind” it was evident that he had a very intuitive understanding of both music and design. So often I’ve had the experience of attempting to convey creative ideas in words and then finding that the other person has completely mis-interpreted those ideas and produced something very different to what I had in mind. With Mat that never seems to happen; I feel my creative thought processes landing in the mind of someone I can trust to see those ideas through to a visual manifestation that often not only meets but exceeds my expectations.

– Lou Rhodes

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