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I am an experienced musician and toured/recorded as a session accompanist as my full time work before taking up design in 2007. I still play on an irregular basis. The bulk of my work has been with Kirsty McGee, for whom I performed on four albums, produced two releases and with whom I toured for many years. I have also played and recorded with a selection of other musicians from Europe, USA and Canada, including Chris Cundy, Kreg Viesselman and Clara Sanabras. I have produced releases for Quiet Loner and Joanna Chapman-Smith. Current live projects include James Brute and Mock Deer.

I have composed music for a small number of theatre/performance pieces too, working with Greg Wohead and Nova/Lowri Jenkins. These projects usually involve a strong connection with the research and development of the entire piece as well as creating and curating, and sometimes performing, the sound.

My instruments include: Guitar, Tenor Guitar, 5-String Banjo, Electric Bass, Ukulele

“Magnetic. Like a master cat burglar, he steals in for just as long as it takes and out quicker than you can catch him. The only difference is that he has put the jewels back in.” - Kreg Viesselman

“Perfect understatement.” - Karine Polwart

"Mat is professional, precise and a great collaborator. As well as being an extremely talented musician, his insights and listening in the rehearsal room give invaluable support and structure to the entire creative process. It was a pleasure to build a show with him." - Lowri Jenkins, Nova

“Mat's versatility across many different instruments and styles – tempered with humility – gives his playing a passionate and inspiring fluidity which is remarked upon wherever he plays.” - Kirsty McGee

"Inspirational musicianship" - Rough Trade



James Brute
Chris Cundy
Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers
Kreg Viesselman
Kirsty McGee
Joanna Chapman-Smith



Kirsty McGee:
Wife (2010)
No.5 (2010)

Joanna Chapman-Smith:
Love Me Deeply (2012)

Quiet Loner:
There Go The Ghosts (2011)
Spectrology (2010)



James Brute:
Lost Soul Music (2020)
Bury Yourself (2014)

Kirsty McGee:
Sandman (2013)
Wife (2010)
No.5 (2010)
The Kansas Sessions (2008)
Hobopop E.P. (2007)
Sapho & Phao (2007)
Two Birds (2006)
Coffee Coloured Strings (2004)
Frost (2004)

Clara Sanabras:
Fugue to the Floating World (2019)

Joanna Chapman-Smith:
Love Me Deeply (2012)

Quiet Loner:
We Will Not Forget (2013)
The Captain’s Diseased (2013)
Greedy Magicians (2012)
There Go The Ghosts (2011)
Spectrology (2010)

The Brute Chorus:
The Brute Chorus (2009)
Grow Fins / Nebuchadenezzar (2008)
Chateau / The Cuckoo & The Stolen Heart (2007)

Jenny McCormick:
Sweet Demon (2012)

Gracie Falls:
Down But Not Defeated (2015)



Greg Wohead:
The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill (2012-14)

Lowri Jenkins/Nova:
To London, Love Me (2013-14)
Invisible City (2015)
Best Before End (2016-)



The Brute Chorus
Boo Hewerdine
Karine Polwart
Truckstop Honeymoon
Linde Nijland
Tim Van Eyken