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I make things for people out of noises, curves, pixels and ideas – usually in combination with one another. I’m self-taught, self-employed, coffee-fuelled and curious. I live in London, UK and have worked in Europe, Canada, USA, Scandinavia and Ukraine, remotely and in person. I would love to be in contact with you.

I have been working in design since 2007. My clients have included Bloggers, Actors, Art Galleries, Musicians, Writers, Borough Councils, Venues and Universities. I have a BA in Music Technology, a PhD in Music and Fine Art, and over a decade of experience touring the world as a performer. I play fretted instruments, produce recordings and write experimental music. As a music professional I have worked for and managed booking agencies, promotions, artists and labels. As a designer I have a particular fondness for creating album sleeves and show posters.

I like people and ideas (and coffee) and will always make time to meet you, so please reach out and say hello.


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