MAT MARTIN | Quiet Loner – Greedy Magicians

19 November, 2012

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Released November 19th, 2012

‘Greedy Magicians’, singer-songwriter Matt Hill aka Quiet Loner’s third album, is a collection of contemporary protest songs seething with disgust and shot through with melancholy at the state of our coalition-led nation. It’s an album which responds both personally and politically, reflecting on recent events and rewriting them as chapters in a long and historic struggle of the many against the few.

Rejecting the securities of a conventional recording studio, Hill instead recorded in an 18th century church in Salford, an area steeped in radicalism. Over a single evening in May 2012, lit only by candles and fairy lights with around 100 people present to witness it, Hill and his fellow musicians (with members of Samson & Delilah and Last Harbour) recorded the songs totally live in single takes.

The album sleeves are handprinted using 19th century machines, the techniques used to print radical pamphlets now deployed to produce a 21st century form of protest.

‘Greedy Magicians’ is a strong and self-assured artistic statement and there’s a powerful atmosphere that permeates this record. Quiet Loner has made a record about standing up and speaking out, about knowing your history and, most importantly, about how community is our strength and our hope.

Mike Doward: Double bass, Vocals
Tammy Hermann: Vocals
Matt Hill: Vocals, Guitar
Mat Martin: Tenor guitar, Percussion, Vocals
James Youngjohns: Violin, Mandolin, Guitar
Anna Zweck: Accordion, Flute, Vocals