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24 July, 2016, 13:28

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Mis-spent Youth
Mis-spent Youth

I was in a rehearsal recently during which a friend was trying to play a line in exactly the way I was playing it. His playing was great, but we didn’t sound like one another. His natural inclination was to articulate the phrases and transitions differently, and to place the stress in different spots. His final comment came: “I just don’t have any of the same instincts as you”.

In these moments in which I’m invited to wonder why I make the noises I do and no others I tend to think of the players I’ve listened to most and make an effort to blame them for my choices, so I casually suggested he perhaps hadn’t spent as much time as me listening to Mark Knopfler during his formative years.

His proud reaction was to assure me that his youth had been far too mis-spent to listen to uncool music. I quietly wondered whether mine hadn’t, by his own definition, been more mis-spent than his by my doing just that.

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