MAT MARTIN | Lowri Jenkins – Invisible City

20 September, 2014, 14:58

Blog · Music · Theatre

“To London, Love Me”, a piece on which I worked with Lowri Jenkins and Jennifer Fletcher back in 2013 is returning as “Invisible City”, following a period of R&D in various locations including Wales and Spain. Early next year the piece will enter its final stage of development at Chapter Arts in Cardiff and I’m looking forward to getting back together with Lowri and Jenni to find out more about what has happened since I was last involved.

Invisible City was written by Lowri Jenkins and brought to life as a collaboration with Director/Choreographer Jennifer Fletcher. It tells the story of Marie, a naïve newcomer to the big city. Struggling to adjust, she becomes a woman on the edge of an everyday trauma. Surreal and tender, To London, Love Me is an ode to longing, hope and the loneliness we often try to escape. The work is highly physical and works closely with a unique score composed by Mat Martin to produce a multi-disciplinary performance.

Originally commissioned by Rich Mix (London) in 2013 the work has since been presented at SCHIUME (Venice, 2013), St. Donats Arts Centre (Wales, 2013), ACT Festival (Bilbao, 2014) and Nunart Guinardó (Barcelona, 2014).