MAT MARTIN | Kirsty McGee – Wife

8 November, 2010

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For this joint release, Kirsty McGee & The Hobopop Collective have recorded ‘Wife’, a song from the ‘How The Caged Bird Sings’ album by The Brute Chorus. In return, the Brutes have recorded the previously unreleased Kirsty McGee song ‘Alligator Teeth’.

Released November 8, 2010

Kirsty McGee – Vocals, Guitars
Mat Martin – Fretless Banjo
Nick Blacka – Double Bass
Rob Turner – Drums
Clive Mellor – Harmonica
Barkley McKay – Piano

Recorded and mixed at Valley Wood Studios, Leeds by Barkley McKay
Produced by Mat Martin
Artwork by Mat Martin