MAT MARTIN | Addendum – Using Bandsintown to promote your shows

4 March, 2012, 18:48

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Addendum - Using BandsInTown
Addendum - Using BandsInTown

[ EDIT @ 18/06/2016: As with the post this is an addition to, this was written for specific clients running simple one-page html sites as a central hub for their social activity and hosted media. Bandsintown and Facebook have since become much firmer bedfellows and the interface for inputting and editing shows sits directly within your Facebook public profile now. The API still allows for that information to be called out to another site, and in fact their WordPress plugin also works very neatly, giving a fully customisable (via CSS) interface which can be seen at Grums website. Note the option to view local shows as well as all shows. ]

In continually working on getting the website/social media balance right for indie artists using one-page websites, it seems that one particular online service needs to be added to my post of February 12th. big thanks to Danny at Red Eyed and Blue who has been working with me on this in conjunction with The Brute Chorus’ website and who is the source of most of the articles I’m referring to here.

Bandsintown: In my previous article I talked about Artistdata as the one place you could put your shows in online and have them appear wherever you like, including on your website. As a result I didn’t go over the plethora of websites you can ask Artistdata to populate for you. There is one, however, that does require special attention, and that’s Bandsintown.

Initially a listings site like any other, Bandsintown has very cleverly opened its doors to artists as well as concert-goers and is allowing you to take the information it has on your shows and do things with it. they also work using individuals’ and Pandora profiles to tailor the shows they pitch, and they offer an app for smartphones. This is essentially why bands in town seems to be becoming the go-to platform for both bands and fans.

There are a pile of articles online introducing Bandsintown and singing it’s praises, like this one (thank you Danny), which I suggest you read so I don’t have to repeat them whilst trying not to copy their content.

Here’s what’s so special from my point of view – Bandsintown seems to do some of the things Artistdata will do for you, only better, or at least differently. And the best bit is that Artistdata populates Bandsintown automatically for you, so you are still only inputting your info once.

Bandsintown and Facebook: this is where the real benefit of this complication lies. Look at the Grum Facebook profile for an example of the Bandsintown integration. It’s much sexier and more useful than the Artistdata version. So, here’s a suggestion:

Go back into your Artistdata account, and disable the Facebook tool. make sure that Artistdata is feeding your info to Bandsintown, and then go to the Bandsintown Facebook app and create a link between your public profile and Bandsintown’s database. The difference to the accessibility of your information is worth the effort.

Bandsintown on your website and other spots: Bandsintown also offer a tweeting service and calendar widget like Artistdata, so you can include all of their info on your site and around and about. Whether you pick one or the other service to do this will simply be a matter of taste, although it would be problematic to have two services auto-tweeting the same info for you, so do pick one. Here’s the other warning I’d offer – if your shows have to go from Artistdata to your site via Bandsintown then you are adding one level of complication, more potential for things to go wrong, and a time lag in getting your info up online.

Artistdata, Bandsintown and time lags: At the time of writing there’s been no response to the support ticket submitted to Bandsintown about how long it would take shows inputted to Artistdata to then show up on Facebook via their platform, so no official numbers on this yet. However, experiments with The Brute Chorus’ dates showed that everything was in place within 24 hours of adding a show to Artistdata.