MAT MARTIN | A 2019 Cinema Project

10 January, 2019, 18:49


The 2018 Cinema Project was a great experience, so I’m not stopping.

In 2019 I’m hoping – once again – to attend a screening of at least (on average) one film a week, and to catalogue each one here. It didn’t begin well, but took an upturn immediately. We’ll see how the summer goes this year.

As before, this doesn’t include films seen at home – I have been to screenings of each of these films, either at a cinema or at the ever-charming Tufnell Park Film Club.

Welcome To Marwen 2018 Robert Zemeckis 05/01/2019
Don't Look Now 1973 Nicolas Roeg 08/01/2019
The Favourite 2018 Yorgos Lanthimos 10/01/2019
Colette 2018 Wash Westmoreland 15/01/2019
Stan & Ollie 2018 Jon S. Baird 17/01/2019

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