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  • I'm an experienced freelancer with excellent time management and communication skills. Currently I'm working in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress and the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) to meet the needs of my clients.

    You can filter or search selected examples of my work using the links below. If you'd like to see more examples of work, discuss a project or check out a reference for me, drop me a line.

    Qualifications: PhD (Music, Fine Art), Dartington College of Arts, 2010 ; BA (Hons) (Music Technology), Rose Bruford College, 2001

  • Client: Hardwick Gallery

    Brief: Responsive gallery site

    Using the logo and colour palette defined in an earlier brief for the Hardwick gallery this fully responsive site uses adjustments to the WordPress post system to list events and exhibitions according to their start and end dates as well as providing a blog and news service and links to the gallery’s other presences online.

    I have worked with a few website designers. It can be tense, time-consuming, frustrating. Mat Martin was a pleasure to work with. From our initial conversations it was clear we spoke the same language and shared a commitment to producing the best website possible. It was a fairly complex brief but Mat trouble-shot his way to creating a clean, clear and beautifully designed website that accommodated all of my requirements, and also introduced innovative elements that set it apart, all achieved within the budget and time-scale quoted.

    – Sarah Bowden, Hardwick Gallery

    Client: Lamb/Strata Music

    Brief: Re-create/adapt artwork for reissue on 12", CD, DL

    Formats: 12" Gatefold | CD digipak | DL

    Original layout by Lou Rhodes & Nick Tomlinson

    Lamb - 5

    Shortly after Backspace Unwind Lamb re-released their previous record, ‘5’. The brief here was to refine and re-create the original packaging with a few important changes. We adopted Lou’s drawing which had originally only appeared on the vinyl sleeve and used it for all editions, moving the cover photo to the booklet. Type was re-set and re-laid, and the booklet re-paginated.

    Client: Hardwick Gallery

    Brief: Logo design. Colour palette.

    Formats: Vector (EPS) and web files on transparent ground (PNG)

    Hardwick Gallery - Logo 4

    Asked to base the logo for Cheltenham’s Hardwick Gallery on very classic geometric type with some small detailing, this brief was eventually met with a single ligature and diagonal slice to the final descender, presented in a sober palette of greys and yellow. A few ideas were laid out prior to the final choice being made, with ligature variants and parallel slices to create rotational symmetry, as shown.

    This logo work went on to become the basis of the web development brief from Hardwick Gallery later that year.

    Mat produced a logo for the gallery, working through my insistence on a particular style to create something unique and meaningful. A year on, there’s nothing I would change about his work. It functions perfectly and is an excellent marketing tool, not only for the events we produce but for the organisation as a whole.

    – Sarah Bowden, Hardwick Gallery

    Client: Veggie Magnifique

    Brief: Blog plaftorm: Vegan recipes, holistic living

    This well established Paris-based bilingual blog had reached the stage at which their off-the-peg WordPress theme no longer matched the needs of the site. The brief to create the Veggie Magnifique blog theme was therefore raised. Using existing assets such as the VM logo and colour guidelines, and taking into account a sensitivity for legacy content and editorial flexibility, the new theme allows for more image space, defined recipe fields, the inclusion of mailing list signup forms within posts, an Instagram feed and a fully responsive layout. We integrated WPML’s language technology to handle translations of posts and browser direction according to language settings.

    Mat is more than a coder… he’s a tech wizard with impeccable taste, class, and an unparalleled aesthetic eye. We have been so delighted by his work, work ethic, speediness, and sense of humour that we now consider him the third member of Veggie Magnifique.

    – Ann & Chloe, Veggie Magnifique

    Client: Lean 4 Learning

    Brief: Logo, typography and colour palette for web and print use

    Lean 4 Learning - Brand 2

    Taking into account the desire to reference a previous logo and preserve the brand feel for the company, the brief for the Lean4Learning rebrand was to keep the leaf motif strong, and the colours in the greens.

    The simple forms of the logo offer balance and stability, and the overlapping leaves suggest not only turning over a fresh perspective but also a collaborative spirit. The whole is offset by the point beneath, creating a gentle outward motion and recalling a seed which contains the potential for growth.

    Typography is simple and clean. As the brand usage has developed the principal body text font has leant toward Lato over Raleway.

    Mat provided great clarity and clear design direction when approaching the Lean 4 Learning logo and website. The clean look was devised through a collaboration in which Mat challenged both the motives and mission of the business in a very positive way, to distil the design brief into a product that exceeds expectations. He has a personable yet rigorous approach to all he does and continues to deliver highly professional projects with probity, honesty and great humour. I look forward to working with him again soon.

    – Tim Evans, Owner, Lean 4 Learning

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    Client: Lamb / Strata Music

    Brief: CD Wallet - “We Fall In Love” single

    Formats: CD in card wallet (promo only | Digital artwork for download

    Lamb photo by ThisIsHoax

    Lamb - We Fall In Love

    The first single from ‘Backspace Unwind’ uses the photography by ThisIsHoax first used in the inner sleeves of the album artwork, combined with the typographic style developed for the album sleeve. A limited run of card wallets were created for promo, although this was a digital only release for retail.

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    Client: Bowden & Co.

    Brief: Full site to replace holder. CMS through WordPress.

    Bowden & Co’s unique bespoke sommelier gift service is a very particular product, so the brief for this site was clear that the processes and benefits of the company’s approach should be immediately graspable. This was achieved by offering a number of entry points on the home page and creating a clear network of parallel links across the site, reinforcing the holistic approach to their product. The striped step-by-step approach to guiding people through the process of ordering corporate gifts of wines and spirits allows for simple structure to be the guiding principle of the journey through this site, while the sumptuous product photography and limited colour palette tap into the luxury of the brand.

    Mat has designed and built a number of websites for both my clients and for myself. Not only are they beautifully stylish, simple and intuitive, but Mat himself is a real pleasure to work with. His creativity, patience and attention to detail are invaluable when you’re as busy as we are.

    – Sarah Bowden

    Client: Lamb

    Brief: Album artwork - “Backspace Unwind” (Special Edition, Single & Double CD, 12" Gatefold, Digital)

    Formats: 12" vinyl gatefold | Special edition pop-up double CD in Slipcase with poster | Special edition double CD in gatefold lancing pack | Single disc edition in Digipak | US & Aus Editions of Digipak CD editions in reversed colours | DL with digital lyric book | Live show backdrop | Tour shirts | Tote bags

    Harmonograph image by David Cool

    Backspace Unwind 2

    “Backspace Unwind” was Lamb’s first album since 2011’s 5 (re-released in 2015), and I was approached while recording was still in progress to work on the sleeve, to produced in a variety of versions according to format, edition and territory. We worked with photo assets in early drafts before it became clear that some graphic element which connected the stellar themes of the album to the nature of sound was needed to match audio and visual elements up.

    I discovered the work of David Cool during the research process for this project. His work on the visualisation of sound using programming provided the final piece for the project and we worked with him to extract frames from the final piece seen on the cover of the album: a harmonograph created in Processing and notating the development of sonic elements in relation to one another.

    The further into the sleeves one ventures, the earlier the point as which the harmonograph’s development is seen.

    We created a special edition double CD for album supporters using the folding 3D card packaging offered by Manchester’s ACDSleeve, and provided reverse colour versions for USA and Australian territories.

    Working with Mat has always been a pleasure for me. From our first meeting before the release of “Backspace Unwind” it was evident that he had a very intuitive understanding of both music and design. So often I’ve had the experience of attempting to convey creative ideas in words and then finding that the other person has completely mis-interpreted those ideas and produced something very different to what I had in mind. With Mat that never seems to happen; I feel my creative thought processes landing in the mind of someone I can trust to see those ideas through to a visual manifestation that often not only meets but exceeds my expectations.

    – Lou Rhodes

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    Client: Gillet Square, London

    Brief: Graphic poster for Autumn Games

    Formats: A3 | A5 | Web Carousel

    Gillet Square Games Flyer

    Illustrator fun and bold old-school book-cover style, using Helvetica Neue which I still love. This quick turnaround brief for a poster and signup form for Gillett Square’s Autumn outdoor games came with no assets so I created the leaf graphic and texture, going for a 1960s worn paperback cover feel to bring the whole thing together.

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    Client: C. A. Hudnut

    Brief: E-commerce site for bespoke footwear designer

    These boat shoes are of delicate simplicity and very high quality, designed by someone who wears them as intended, on deck and in all weathers. The brief for the site was for a clean and bright display of not only the product but the ethic and voice of the company. Using original photography from sailing around Nantucket Island, where the maker is based, we allowed static and glowing images to shine through between the clan white areas of the site.

    Using woocommerce and other third party products we created an international selling platform with a strong identity which handles multiple currencies and automatically calculates shipping according to the company’s preferred courier.

    Client: Kreg Viesselman

    Brief: Tour posters using artist’s own paintings, designed to work as a series

    Paintings by Kreg Viesselman

    Kreg Viesselman - Show Poster Series

    As with Kreg’s To The Mountain album, the quiet and balanced nature of the assets provided for these posters suggested a central alignment which created a minimum of noise against the paintings. These were designed to be printed in batches so a selection could be sent to venues, catching different eyes in different places.

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    Client: Lamb/Strata Music

    Brief: Digital art for bonus EP

    Formats: DL

    Lamb - Transfatty Acid E.P.

    Created as a bonus download for listeners supporting the making of ‘Backspace Unwind‘, the ‘Trasfatty Acid’ E.P. revisits some older Lamb material, so the task of adding text to the existing image involved a nod to the typography of their eariler ‘Fear of Fours’ record, along with a re-extraction of their previous logo.

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    Client: Vortex Jazz Club, London

    Brief: Graphic poster for Outdoor Festival

    Formats: A3 | A4 | A5 | Web Carousel

    Vortex Outdoors Festival Print

    The response to this brief was to create a bold abstract colourful poster which strongly suggested the outdoors and the summer in the city. The wave shapes and progression of colour provided a depth of ground which was broken up at the edges with the leaf motif.

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    Client: Folklore Agency & Promotions

    Brief: Company website listing events and showcasing artists

    The dual nature of Folklore’s operations (events promotion and tour booking) meant that to answer this brief with a clean and simple site some specific and complex PHP and bespoke WordPress loops were needed. An example of a project which belies its inner complexity with a simple layout and presented an enjoyable learning curve in its creation. The design was requested in an organic and tactile style which was approached via the choice of colour and texture palettes. A two-pronged architecture allows navigation down either side of the site, for info about upcoming events and ticket links, or for artist profiles and booking information, all the time focusing on showcasing the artist photography.

    Mat delivered to me a site and service that truly went above and beyond my expectations. He really takes pride in his work and pays close attention to fine detail and functionality, making the site easy to use.

    Whilst being extremely professional he also manages to maintain a very human and personal relationship with his clients. I call on him still for help and advice from time to time which he is more than happy to supply. I really can’t recommend Mat highly enough and feel the website and service he has provided me with has – without doubt – strengthened my business.

    – Ricky Damiani, Owner, Folklore

    Client: The Local

    Brief: Event poster template creating recognisable brand married to changing third party assets

    Formats: A3 | A4 | A5 | E-flyer

    The Local - Poster

    A continued development of in-house style – a series of event posters using assets provided by artists but recognisably promoted by the client. A graphic fallback also provided for events with no supplied image.

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