MAT MARTIN | Lou Rhodes Website –

Client: Lou Rhodes / 140db

Brief: Responsive artist website

Photography by Laura Williams

A re-skinning of the official Lou Rhodes website to accompany the release of “theyesandeye”, and tie the visuals from the album sleeve into her online presence. This bespoke build replaces an off-the-peg theme with options for an audio player/feature tab on the homepage and a subdivided discography to handle the many projects Lou is involved with. We also created a parallel feed to handle her work as a writer.

Mat completely updated my website in time for the release of “theyesandeye” and, given that this was an incredibly busy time for me and my management, we had to leave the bulk of responsibility for both aesthetic and functional changes in his very capable hands. Having worked so closely on the album artwork it felt like any changes he made would be totally in line with our needs and wishes. He’d always run major changes by us in very detailed email updates but most of the time we’d just give a resounding “yes” in our replies.

– Lou Rhodes