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  • I'm an experienced freelancer with excellent time management and communication skills. Currently I'm working in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress and the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) to meet the needs of my clients.

    You can filter or search selected examples of my work using the links below. If you'd like to see more examples of work, discuss a project or check out a reference for me, drop me a line.

    Qualifications: PhD (Music, Fine Art), Dartington College of Arts, 2010 ; BA (Hons) (Music Technology), Rose Bruford College, 2001

  • Client: Tap The Feed

    Brief: Full rebrand following name change

    Formats: Logomark & logotype (EPS, PNG, JPG); Colour and type palettes

    Tap The Feed Site - 8

    A name change to Tap The Feed from The Flux Presents in January 2016 presented us with an opportunity to revisit the branding and style of the blog after a few years in operation. The original branding – also from this studio – was revised, moving away from a typographic approach towards a bold logomark which could work with or without type.

    Focusing on the communicative message of Tap The Feed’s brand and leaning on the imagery of morse code the logomark uses an abstraction which references the typographic glyphs TTF. Morse code is ‘tapped’ out rhythmically by the sender in a series of dots and dashes (TTF = _ / _ / . . _ .) and received sonically in a series of tones. This is analogous to the pathways of Tap The Feed as a music blog: information is relayed from writer to reader, who finds meaning and discovers new content by decoding the message. The overall effect is one of communication, with a strong sense of rhythm, discovery, and playfulness.

    The rotation of orientation in the layout of dots and dashes also reflects the scrolling of content within the blog.

    Client: Pinch Projects

    Brief: Monochrome Brand Identity for Bespoke Travel Company

    Formats: Logotype & Logomark as EPS (Vector), PNG, JPG; Business Cards, Letterheads

    Pinch Projects Brand Identity

    The brief to create a simple, classic and monochromatic brand identity for bespoke travel company Pinch Projects leaned towards a monogram approach with a few defining touches.

    A bold and stark slice is made in an upwards diagonal direction through the uppercase P glyph in a high contrast serif font. The message is striking: expect timeless quality with a modern creative edge. Unafraid to turn things to our advantage and make bold decisions, we nonetheless consider the classic and timeless as belonging in our toolkit. An immediate blend of classic and modern, of universal and bespoke, of attention to detail and fearlessness. The upward left-to-right direction of the slice (a direction of movement guided by the typographic nature of the icon) is positive, forward-looking and exciting; the space it opens up within the letter joins the negative space on either side of it by finding a unique route between two points in an unexpected way – a reflection of the way in which Pinch Projects can find a route and style unique to each of its clients.

    The cut refracts a single thing into more than it was (adding value and depth to the experience) as well as referring to the double P of Pinch Projects. It also calls to the idea of tailoring to fit – the quintessential bespoke service. The high contrast of the typeface and sharpness/precision of the slice make for a dynamic logo suggesting a creative and energetic company with a commitment to quality and bespoke service.

    The final balancing of elements in the logo was made according to Golden Ratio proportions, as shown here.

    Client: La Maison du Parc

    Brief: Logo, colour & type palettes

    Formats: EPS (Vector), PNG, JPG

    La Maison du Parc - Identity

    A bold and simple design highlighting the beautiful natural surroundings and modern elegance of this AirBnB residence just outside Paris.

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    Client: Hardwick Gallery

    Brief: Logo design. Colour palette.

    Formats: Vector (EPS) and web files on transparent ground (PNG)

    Hardwick Gallery - Logo 4

    Asked to base the logo for Cheltenham’s Hardwick Gallery on very classic geometric type with some small detailing, this brief was eventually met with a single ligature and diagonal slice to the final descender, presented in a sober palette of greys and yellow. A few ideas were laid out prior to the final choice being made, with ligature variants and parallel slices to create rotational symmetry, as shown.

    This logo work went on to become the basis of the web development brief from Hardwick Gallery later that year.

    Mat produced a logo for the gallery, working through my insistence on a particular style to create something unique and meaningful. A year on, there’s nothing I would change about his work. It functions perfectly and is an excellent marketing tool, not only for the events we produce but for the organisation as a whole.

    – Sarah Bowden, Hardwick Gallery

    Client: Lean 4 Learning

    Brief: Logo, typography and colour palette for web and print use

    Lean 4 Learning - Brand 2

    Taking into account the desire to reference a previous logo and preserve the brand feel for the company, the brief for the Lean4Learning rebrand was to keep the leaf motif strong, and the colours in the greens.

    The simple forms of the logo offer balance and stability, and the overlapping leaves suggest not only turning over a fresh perspective but also a collaborative spirit. The whole is offset by the point beneath, creating a gentle outward motion and recalling a seed which contains the potential for growth.

    Typography is simple and clean. As the brand usage has developed the principal body text font has leant toward Lato over Raleway.

    Mat provided great clarity and clear design direction when approaching the Lean 4 Learning logo and website. The clean look was devised through a collaboration in which Mat challenged both the motives and mission of the business in a very positive way, to distil the design brief into a product that exceeds expectations. He has a personable yet rigorous approach to all he does and continues to deliver highly professional projects with probity, honesty and great humour. I look forward to working with him again soon.

    – Tim Evans, Owner, Lean 4 Learning

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    Client: The Local

    Brief: Event poster template creating recognisable brand married to changing third party assets

    Formats: A3 | A4 | A5 | E-flyer

    The Local - Poster

    A continued development of in-house style – a series of event posters using assets provided by artists but recognisably promoted by the client. A graphic fallback also provided for events with no supplied image.

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    Client: Mindful World

    Brief: Icon/Logo, Typographic and Colour palettes

    Auto Draft 7

    The creation of a logo/ident for a new Mindfulness collaboration between established practitioners was requested with specific reference to existing iconography, the early version of this ident used on Mindful World’s initial “New Year New Start” flyers shows a simpler iteration of the anchor icon than is finally used here. The addition of a “through line” and in some cases the injection of colour offers a sense of continuation as well as grounding, and of individual focus.

    Colours were kept peaceful but creative and type was guided towards the geometric, again for a sense of reliability and stillness.

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    Client: The Flux Presents

    Brief: Logo, type and colour palette with usage guidelines

    The Flux Presents - Branding 1

    A brief for a typographic logo/icon for this music blog, answered with a mirrored form and a central ligature. Initial versions used typefaces which were eventually abandoned in favour of an entirely shape-based approach in Illustrator, allowing for a more exact balance across both horizontal and vertical axes. Selections for colour and type approaches followed from this initial approach and were implemented in the blog theme we built shortly after undertaking this project.

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