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  • 4 November, 2012, 17:53 | Blog · Music · Playing · Touring

    Myshkin's Ruby Warblers - BBC Radio 3

    World On 3 - Myshkin Live Session

    The live session Myshkin and I, as official Ruby Warbler on tenor guitar and banjo, recorded for BBC Radio 3 this autumn, was broadcast this week. As far as I know it will be archived for listening indefinitely at the World on Three page.

    Super happy with these arrangements, and with the Ruby Warbling in general, and looking forward to more work with Myshkin next year. This music is amongst my favourite to work on – harmonically it goes to some of my favourite dark places, and the chance to be inventive is always present. There are only a few artists I’ve played with who give the chance to get your chops around such a variety of styles and ideas.

    A very early version of a Lorca setting from Myshkin at the end of this session, too. Such a treat to be involved in this project at such a formative point, too.

    1 November, 2012, 00:00 | Blog · Music · Touring

    Kreg Viesselman

    Delighted to announce that Kreg Viesselman’s 2013 tour begins in a couple of days’ time. I will be playing bass for the first time professionally. Preparing has been a lot of fun, and has somehow altered my thinking generally, on a musical level…

    Kreg Viesselman on tour in the UK for the first time in two years, promoting his stunning new album “If You Lose Your Light” – out now on Sony/Columbia Records.

    Band shows including musicians Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen (drums), Anna Lise Frøkedal (vocals, guitar) and Mat Martin (bass).

    07.11.12 – Coventry – Taylor John’s House
    09.11.12 – Dorset – Square & Compass
    10.11.12 – Penryn – Miss Peapod’s
    11.11.12 – London – Green Note
    13.11.12 – Norwich – Bicycle Shop
    15.11.12 – Oswestry – Ironworks
    16.11.12 – Bangor – Blue Sky Cafe
    17.11.12 – Swansea – The Chattery
    18.11.12 – Saltaire – Live Room
    21.11.12 – Ambleside – Nab Cottage

    29 September, 2011, 18:28 | Blog · Music · Touring

    JCS - Live Shots

    Somehow I to have missed these beautiful shots from the Joanna Chapman-Smith shows at De Patronaat in Heerlen, NL and Kelvedon Institute, UK back in June. The Dutch pictures were taken by the marvellous Marcel Houweling. That’s the haircut my bandmate JCS gave me, too!

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    29 September, 2011, 18:00 | Blog · Music · Touring

    Joanna Chapman-Smith

    I’ll be on the road again with Joanna Chapman-Smith soon. from mid October we’ll be in Vancouver getting ready for the In The House hallowe’en special, followed by a tour across the two territories of Alberta and British Columbia.

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    4 August, 2011, 11:05 | Blog · Music · Touring

    Kirsty McGee - Live Album Photos

    Shots by Pauline Keightley from the recording of “No.5”, the live album by Kirsty McGee & The Hobopop Collective, which just won its category (Best Live Album) in the IMA Vox Pop awards.

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    9 April, 2011, 18:56 | Blog · Touring · Writing

    Two nights ago I played a show in Dachau with Kirsty McGee. Above the door of the café was a wooden crocodile on wheels. I was amused by its expression, and this broke the ice between us and the café owner, who later introduced us to a large man with a moustache. He also had with him some binocular spectacles, which of course we took turns to try on.

    The conversation turned to lake swimming – a popular pursuit on a warm day in Bavaria. The man said ‘of course, there is a crocodile in the lake here – people are nervous to swim here now.’ We looked at him askance. I laughed out loud. He fixed me with a warm, beady eye as if to say ‘this is true, you know’. What he actually said was, ‘yes, his name is Emil’. This made our host laugh in turn: ‘Yes, Emil! What an old fashioned name for a crocodile!’. This was of course my principal concern with the story so far, too. Who would call a crocodile Emil at this point in the history of dangerous reptile distribution?

    The moustached man continued: ‘Yes, he was my crocodile – we were friends and I used to take him swimming with me in the lake. He was not too long then and he never bit anyone’. I considered asking if he had wheels like the one above the door. ‘But one day he went down and didn’t come back up again. I had to give up and go home alone.’ The note in his voice made me think that he perhaps was for real with this crocodile story. A man with binocular specs who would keep a crocodile as a pet in Germany was, after all, perhaps to be expected to take it swimming on a warm day. It’s what crocodiles do.

    ‘Of course, no-one knows how long a crocodile lives for round here,’ said the man. Maybe he is still under there. I guess it is a bit cold once you get down to a certain depth. Maybe his body shut down and he went into a kind of hibernation.’

    Apparently no-one has been bitten by Emil, but he is a local celebrity, and people keep reporting sightings from the lake, like those that come up from time to time around Loch Ness. I’m not sure what he eats, but then if he is asleep maybe that’s okay. Of course, I might have eventually bought into some nonsense. I did feel like going to the lake though, just in case.

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